When Headlines Are Worse Than Reality

Like many Lynners going about their last week, we heard the first report over the car radio: “Abduction attempt at Lynn Classical High School.”

Immediately, most of us with kids cringed. After all, that could be our kid if we live in this city.

Then the reports start coming over the radio with greater frequency and they were broadcast live from the school on the television.

Two hours after the attempted abduction, which failed, (a 14 year-old girl walking to Classical High School was able to get away from a pervert or a pathological idiot who  lured her into his car steps away from the high school) news reports were being whipped up into a frenzy.

The girl was able to break away. She was pretty shaken up but at least she got away.

Everywhere we went that day we heard about the attempted abduction at Lynn Classical High School.

Each time we heard it, we winced. We felt bad because those of us living in this city understand that it is a relatively safe place to be, with great neighborhoods, and many thousands of residents living in homes and apartments without incident everyday throughout the years.

But an abduction attempt crosses a line and this explains the overkill by radio and television news.

The Lynn Police Department put its spokesperson on the radio and television and frankly, Lt. Chris Kelly did an admirable job.

He sounded professional, undaunted and completely in command. This is exactly what we have come to expect of our local police department.

The police themselves were thrown into overdrive to capture this idiot, a teenage black male with scars on his nose who spoke with a Haitian accent.

Had he been within reach, he would have surely been apprehended.

However, he has gone into a hiding mode.

Sooner or later, the police will get their man.

In the meantime, things are back to normal in our city. Things are back to normal at Classical High School. Police presence is a bit more noticeable. Everyone involved with this attempted abduction is just a bit more aware as this week comes to pass.

And that’s what its all about when you live in the city – awareness – being aware of your surroundings and getting far away from craizness long before it happens.

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