On the Campaign Trail

Host of happy Tim Phelan sign holders during a visibility recently held in Austin park. The election is moving to an end with an intensification of campaigning – and this is an example of that extra push being made throughout the city.

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  1. Concerned Citzen
    October 29, 2011 at 1:16 am

    I find it appalling that Timothy Phelan feels that he has some form of entitlement by putting his lawn signs on private property without permission from the owner.  Moreover, I find it equally disturbing that he would do this a second time when the property owner removed the first sign and placed it in the trash while lying to the tenant that he had permission from the owner.  It is this type of arrogance that our City does not need from a so called Public Servant.  It also sends the message that Mr. Phelan feels he has some type of privilege and moral exclusiveness which exempts him from following laws and setting boundaries with his internal ego issues.  I for one would not vote for a candidate exhibiting these types of behaviors.

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