Occupying Lynn

The Occupy Boston protesters have moved into Jamaica Plain and into Davis Square in Somerville.

Why haven’t they come to Lynn?

They could encamp on Lynn Common although we’d bet hardly anyone in this city would understand what the heck they were doing encamping in Lynn Common during the winter and nearly freezing to death in tents – and for what?

The protesters are not really sure and the public isn’t sure either.

The movement appears stalled and in Boston, the end is apparently near.

They haven’t come to Lynn because it is well known that those of us who live here are hostages in captivity, and so no one wants to come here to become a hostage.

Kidding aside, what exactly would the city do if these protesters arrived on the Common and set up an encampment?

Boy, wouldn’t that be a dilemma for the city government to deal with!

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