Grand Standards: Lynn Girl Sets out to Sell More Than a 1,000 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

Angelina Correia of Lynn sold 1,230 boxes of Girl scout cookies last year, a number she is trying to top in 2011.

Lynn’s Angelina Correia has become quite an expert at selling cookies.

And it’s a good thing as she hopes to become a baker some day.

For the past two years, the Lynn Girl Scout has sold more than 1,000 boxes of cookies, and this year she’s trying to hit that high mark again.

Certainly, such a feat would bode well for her future bakery business.

“Last year, I sold 1,230 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and that was the second year in a row I sold 1,000 boxes,” she said. “This year I hope to sell even more than last year.”

Correia is part of Troop 85079, and is a 5th-grader at Mystic Valley Charter School.

Last week, the annual Girl Scout cookie sale began and will continue through March 9th. Girls all over Lynn and the area will be out in uniform selling their eight varieties of cookies, including Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and Thanks-A-Lots.

The annual cookie sale serves to help the Girl Scout troops raise money, but it also helps the girls set goals, build business skills and accomplishing goals.

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program provides fun learning experiences to our 43,000 girls and helps them develop a strong sense of self-confidence through team building, goal setting, and money management,” explained Ruth N. Bramson, CEO, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. “The girls are proud of their hard work and proud to be part of the vital sisterhood of Girl Scouts that prepares them to be great leaders.”

After the sale, on March 12th, the Girl Scouts will celebrate their 100th Anniversary.

Cookies cost $4 per box and to purchase them from Correia, look for her at local places like the train station, or the Stop & Shop. Otherwise, she can be reached at (617) 279-9805.

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