Mayor Concerned About Canning

December 13, 2011

When we first heard about the mayor’s concern about local canning being out of control, we had to step back and wonder – who is canning what?

Some of us thought raspberries were being canned. Others believed it was olives only to find out the canning the mayor is so concerned about is kids out holding cans raising money for the various groups they are members of.

Leave it to our mayor, who was out canning recently after complaining about it, to consider it a serious problem getting out of hand.

The mayor is so concerned we may need local statutes of ordinances for kids to can for their organizations or sporting teams.

That would be a shame as canning is all about kids asking others for grace and charity and nothing else.

Policies on canning are ludicrous. They are virtually unenforceable.

Canning has its place. The problem is not with those out canning trying to raise a few bucks for their financially threatened organizations.

The problem is with those like our mayor who wants to legislate it away.

She consistently manages to make something out f nothing.

It is almost as though she is a magician.

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