St. Mary’s Purchases Commercial Property at 26-38 Tremont Street

The Board of Trustees of St. Mary’s High School of Lynn has purchased a commercial property located at 26-38 Tremont Street.

The high school took possession of the property two weeks ago, according to Head of School Dr. Ray Bastarache.

The property was purchased from Brian Bloch.

The Essex County Register of Deeds listed the purchase price at $675,000.

The property presently houses Comcast and the Church of Latter Day Saints.

According to Bastarache, they will both remain long-term tenants and that leases are now being prepared by lawyers for the school.

The middle section, which formerly housed Lynn Cam, is empty.

Bastarach said it is up to the board to lease out the empty space or it could be used for storage. It has been empty for quite some time, he added.

Lynn Cam moved to a different location earlier this year.

Technically, the Boston Archdiocese owns the high school and all the property related to it.

“We basically rent the space,” Bastarache said.

“Anytime property contiguous to the campus becomes available it is in the school’s best interest to investigate the possibility of a purchase,” he said.

“We were made aware the property was available. We investigated about that. We negotiated a price. We were able to get the building. We’re all very pleased.”

The high property assemblage includes Cardinal Cushing Center, William F. Connell Center, McGlinchey Hall, and the old Boys High School.

The Board is inclined to look to the future, according to Bastarache.

Chairman of the St. Mary’s High School Board is John King, a retired Exxon Mobil Executive and an alumnus of St. Mary’s Class of 1966.


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