Lynncam Moving into New Studio Space

Lynncam, the city’s popular cable/community access/media station, is moving from its present location into the former St. Jean’s Credit Union at 527 Western Avenue, according to Cassie Vitali, Executive Director of the station and the Board of Directors.

“On behalf of the dedicated men and women working for Lynncam, I would like to say thank you to the City of Lynn, Verizon and Comcast subscribers and our supporters for their patience and understanding and especially for their help in aiding us to find an appropriate space for our TV studio,” Vitali said.

“I also want to thank the Lynncam legal staff, St. Jean’s president David Surface, and the Board of Trustees, all of whom have shown us a great deal of support and countless hours of their time. Thank you all for standing by Lynncam,” she added.

In the weeks ahead, Lynncam will be remaking the former branch banking site with parking into a state of the art television studio recording and broadcasting center which will be capable of bringing new programming to Lynn.

That programming is expected to present the community in a positive light on a regular basis, according to Vitali.

“We are excited to be able to bring back our membership and invite new members to join, offering them the opportunity to learn how to create their own television productions,” Vitali said.

“As always we here at Lynncam are very committed to bringing you local coverage of Lynn’s happenings and essential information to help better your connection with your community,” she said.

Thus ends positively a long and difficult period for Lynncam, who moved from a fully rehabilitated downtown location to another location outside of the downtown that turned out to have dramatic issues as to its use and in the end, could not be used to its full extent.

The former St. Jean’s site is a modern, clean, sturdy brick structure which will provide good security, parking and interior space that is insulated, quiet and perfect for the creation of studios and broadcasting booths.

Updates and information about the new location will be available on Comcast channels 3 & 16 and on Verizon channels 37 & 38.

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