Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Whitney Houston’s four hour funeral from inside the Baptist Church she grew up in was very impressive.

In fact, all the wonderful things said about her by those whom she worked with, who knew her a lifetime and by family members, was made all the more compelling by the great singing by some of the nation’s finest musicians.

Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keyes performed wonderfully and in all, the service itself was something to admire.

There was a constant reference to God and to Jesus and Whitney was apparently a religious gal as well as a fabulous singer and actor.

However, at the end of a long day of praise for her and who she was in life, there came the moment when the singing stopped, when she was lowered into the ground the following day – and now the family has to deal with the cold, harsh reality of knowing forever, that it wasn’t God who took Whitney away. It wasn’t Jesus, either. It was drugs and her insatiable desire for them that killed her at 48.

That is the tragedy,

Her extraordinary voice has been stilled. A great entertainer has died an early death, again.

There is great sadness in that. Its too bad someone like Kevin Costner who spoke at her funeral couldn’t muster the courage to say a few words about the choices we all make in our lives and that Whitney chose drugs and death over life.

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