MBTA Cuts Hurt Lynn and Other Communities

The MBTA has cut a number of routes servicing Lynn and other North Shore communities.

Five bus routes in all have been cut in the system wide effort to cut spending in order to meet a $160 million operating deficit that is looming. Those bus routes being cut in July serve Lynn, Marblehead, Salem and Revere.

Also, with the cutting of the 441 and 442 buses, Swampscott and Marblehead commuters will be without a direct route to Boston.

MBTA officials said the savings on those two routes alone would add up to slightly less than $300,000 a year.

Also cut is route 436 from Lynn to Danvers and route 439 from Lynn to Swampscott..

Each cut in public transportation inevitably results in more automobiles on to the roads already packed with them.

However, the MBTA insisted that lesser routes be cut – and so it is done.

The lesser routes have been cut. The fares have been raised about 23%.

This is crisis time for MBTA commuters.

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