The Lack of Rain

Lynn Woods has been the scene for the past few days of brush fires.

With literally no snow during the winter and very little rain, we are about 7-9 inches short of where we ought to be for rainfall.

In other words, the ground brush and earth is very dry and it tends to burn quite thoroughly with the slightest persuasion.

Brush fires are Nature’s way of getting rid of the old and leading to the growth of new plants, bushes and trees.

But without rain, not much is possible – and without rain, the Lynn Woods is a fire cracker waiting to go off.

So far, only small portions of acreage in the Lynn Woods has burned.

With a little luck, the area will get a dousing of rain and we’ll back to normal with the fire danger.

In the meantime, smokers must be aware that tossing a lit cigarette butt can lead to a major fire in the Woods.

Let’s all be careful and pray for rain.

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