Tisei Versus Tierney

Democratic Congressman John Tierney will have his hands full facing former state senator Richard Tisei, the liberal republican who is running against the congressman who represents Lynn.

Tisei, who has been out of the senate for two years, spent two decades in the senate. He was a very popular and active senator. Recently, he ran as Charlie Baker’s running mate in their abortive attempt to capture the governor’s office.

In the upcoming election, Tierney is going to be tested by Tisei in ways he was not tested by the candidacy of Bill Hudak, who was roundly beaten by Tierney.

Tisei is not radical Republican or even a Tea Party Republican.

Tisei is his own man when it comes to issues.

He is a good speaker who knows the issues and he is certain to put Tierney to a test.

Tisei is self-effacing and humble. He’s bright and articulate. He is warm in person and altogether likeable and charming.

He knows Tierney represents a very strong challenge but he believes he will be the winner when all the votes are counted in November.

Tierney has the advantage of the presidential election and the expected voter swell for Democrats and cross overs who will likely vote for the Democratic ticket led by President Obama.

He will also have a money advantage, although Tisei said he will raise $2 million to spend on the election effort.

Tisei is a sincere, earnest, hard driving kind of man. He will take his campaign to the entire district and wherever he goes, he will make an impact without turning off voters the way Hudak did.

Tisei has real drive and common sense political thinking.

Tierney’s campaign will be troubled by that.

Incumbent congressmen quite often feel they cannot be beaten.

Against Hudak, this was the case with Tierney.

Tisei, however, is not Hudak.

This election contest will find Congressman Tierney having to hustle to keep his seat.

When all is said and done with this race in November, the seat will belong to the man who wanted it the most, who worked the hardest and who worked the smartest.

Tisei has an edge in both of these categories but this won’t guarantee him a victory.

Winning is all about chance and fate mixing with everything else that must be brought to the table.

Hudak never had a chance but Tisei does.

He knows how to run a campaign and he knows the North Shore and will have a far greater appeal than Hudak.

For Congressman Tierney, these are days to plot out a strategy to withstand the effects of a real campaign by someone who knows what he’s doing and who wants his seat very badly.

For Congressman Tierney, this upcoming campaign could produce his most satisfying victory or a devastating defeat.

The same goes for his able opponent Richard Tisei.

5 comments for “Tisei Versus Tierney

  1. Sox_in_2011
    April 24, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Give me a break.  Tisei is a Paul Ryan follower that has already received money from Rep Ryan.  He is just another GOP lackey that will vote to kill Medicare, Medicaid, continue the attack on women, all to pad the pockets of the corporations he truly would represent.

  2. janepublic
    April 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    ok, Sox.  It’s time for some original thinking, not broken record insults that are simply wrong.  Richard Tisei actually recognizes that there is a major problem with the current way of doing things, and our government is INDEED broken!!!!  He is not in this race to “kill” and “attack.”  He is in this race because we need someone to reign in the reckless and ridiculous spending on Capitol Hill, and vote YES to bills that create jobs and promote fiscal responsiblity.   The GOP is the minority in this state, but we do have a voice, and that voice will be heard throughout the country in November, like it or not.  Go Sox!!

  3. Sox_in_2011
    April 25, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Seriously Jane?!?  Richard Tisei is FUNDED by Paul Ryan.  He is endorsed by Eric Cantor!  He has made several trips to D.C. to meet with both men.  Why do you think the GOP establishment is funding his campaign?!?  
    It is so they can force the Ryan Plan down the throats of 95% of American’s in favor of the profits of the Koch brothers, Exxon and other corporate interests.  His words sound all well and good, but he is yet another hard-line Republican when it comes time to vote.

    As for creating jobs – you should take a lesson from Great Britain.  Two years ago they passed the austerity measures for which you so eagerly champion and have slid BACK into a recession.  Meanwhile, the policies you decry have lifted us out of recession and on our back to greatness.

    You made one correct statement – the GOP is in the minority here in Mass. and will remain so come November.   And the same will be said nationally when it comes to Obama.

    That said, GO SOX!!!

  4. ConcernedCitizen9300
    April 25, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Tierney HAS to go!  He’s been terrible representing the people of this district.  He’s gotten more for himself and his wife’s family than this district.  he’s been a terrible Rep and we need a change.

    Tisei has the right mix of common sense political instincts and string fiscal record.  He would be a major upgrade over our current, at best, do-nothing Rep, at worst, our corrupt Rep.

  5. oddjob
    April 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    In another political climate voting to send a centrist Republican to the House of Representatives might make sense, but not in this one!  The LAST thing the House needs is another Republican! 

    This present delusional, fantasist, insane incarnation of the Republican Party CANNOT DIE SOON ENOUGH!

    That party is now driven by the intellectual descendants of the nutjobs then-President Eisenhower dismissed as extreme and stupid. He was right to characterize them so. Sending Tisei to the House will only strengthen the Republican Party’s sickness.

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