To Be a Millionaire or Not

Lynn residents might well ponder whether or not it matters that Senator Scott Brown and his opponent, Harvard Law professor Elisabeth Warren are both millionaires.

During this election season, being rich and wanting to serve in public office are often proving to be incompatible.

In reality, Lynn voters want to know who you are and what you are about, not how much you are worth.

Senator Brown and Professor Warren have both been put in the hot seat by reporters and commentators about being millionaires as though both need to apologize for their success.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also been having to dodge questions about his $200 million fortune.

He has responded by telling stories about how his grandfather went broke and his father grew-up with nothing.

It is amusing, really, that being a millionaire matters at all when it comes to getting elected to the US Senate.

After all, 60 out of 100 senators are millionaires, and our Senator John Kerry, is the richest among them.

The late Ted Kennedy was one of the richest senators but he never worked at making money and money certainly wasn’t his God. His late brother President John Kennedy distanced himself from the family fortune as did his late brother the former senator and attorney general Robert Kennedy.

The Kennedy’s weren’t about money. They were all about power.

The recent crop of candidates seem to be about money and power and of the inability to separate the two.

There is no crime in being a millionaire and running for office in America.

The crime is in doing nothing to meaningfully change the course of our history in order that we be a better nation.

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