House Secures Funding for Youth Summer Jobs

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives in approving funding for the youth summer jobs program, which provides grants to local communities and businesses as a way of offering subsidized work for at-risk youths.

This $6 million funding request will ensure that adequate funding is available during the summer of 2012 to promote positive youth development and end youth violence. These jobs bring with them educational and skill-building opportunities with the expectation of reducing juvenile delinquency in high-risk areas of the Commonwealth.

“I am proud to support this $6 million funding request that will go to support summer jobs,” House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said. “These jobs help provide our young people with a productive, healthy, safe experience during the summer months and teach them important life lessons as well.”

“The approval of this funding enables communities across the Commonwealth to offer the type of summer programs and jobs that are important to the development of our youth,” 2nd Assistant Majority Leader Kathi-Anne Reinstein stated.  “The grants will help local businesses, promote non-violence amongst youth and provide invaluable life experience for young people.”

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