Lower-Court Judge Rules Against Residency Requirement for Police

Last week, the police fighting the city’s longstanding residency requirement, got a favorable ruling from Essex Superior Court Justice Richard Welch.

Welch ruled the residency requirement for Lynn Police Officers should be a subject of collective bargaining and he upheld an earlier ruling that the residency issue should be decided by the Joint Labor Management Committee.

Lynn City Solicitor Michael Barry said the city would be appealing the decision.

“Residency remains the law of the City of Lynn,” Barry said. “Nothing changes while the appeal is pending.. I am confident that an Appeals Court will affirm the Residency requirement after hearing all legal arguments,” he added.

Boston Attorney Susan Horwitz, representing the Lynn Police Association, believes that the city charter has no impact on collective bargaining.

Judge Welch agreed with her.

However, the matter is now off to the Appeals Court where it will receive a full review before a decision is made.

That process is expected to take months.

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