LACC Director Leslie Gould Named as ‘Woman of the Year’ Coulon to Be Honored

The Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is proud to announce that LACC Executive Director Leslie Gould has been named  ”Women of the Year” by the Shoe City Lions Club of Lynn. Also being honored is long-time Shoe City Lions tireless volunteer, Mary Coulon.

They will be honored at a dinner on June 21 at the Danversport Yacht Club.

Leslie has worked in the Chamber industry for 14 years and at  the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce for the past four years.

“Leslie is being honored for her leadership and creative ideas that have energized the Lynn business community and sparked the interest of many new members to join and take an active interest in the Chamber.  She is a dynamic, shining star in the City of Lynn. Leslie has created a program of networking events and has introduced marketing initiatives that have changed the way owners/managers of Lynn businesses, their neighbors and the surrounding communities view the image of our great City,” says Shoe City Lions Chairperson Peg Simpson.

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