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Those of us who know Suffolk University and understand what goes on there have come to love the place. It has grown into a major university over the years and its Law School has produced a legion of powerful Massachusetts attorneys in political life and business.

Two weeks ago, at the Suffolk Commencement four members of the Demakes Family, Tom, Andrew Elias and Tim all received masters degrees from the renowned Sawyer Business School at Suffolk.

First off, let’s tell a tale about the Demakes of Lynn.

The family came up the hard way and long after the family made its fortune working in giant refrigerators and making tons of hot dogs and sausages, the Demakes continue to run the family company.

There are no free rides with this family.

If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

This is the Demakes family experience.

They work hard and smart. They work everyday. They’ve worked hard for a lifetime and today they have a company to show for it that is one of Lynn’s major employers and producers of food products.

Old Neighborhood Foods needs no introduction here.

Everyone knows the Demakes and everyone who knows the Demakes knows that this is an educated family or worker bees – folks who never rest on their laurels, who never push their weight around, who are humble and who do not flaunt their wealth or good fortune and luck ever.

Four Demakes graduating with masters degree at the same time is literally a home run for the family – which has serious Harvard University roots in several of its members.

Now to the photograph accompanying this short piece.

For Tom Demakes, it is a picture for the ages. He and his three sons all graduating in one setting is the type of photograph that says it all.

It says these guys are a family. It says they studied together. We know they work together and now they gave graduated together.

It is a wonderful photograph.

I believe Tom Demakes in the privacy of his office must have looked at this photograph and raised a clenched fist into the air and said: “I am so lucky to have such great sons – and to share a place with them in this photograph.”

If he didn’t do this, he should have.

If he isn’t the one of the proudest men in all of Lynn, he should be.

If he didn’t shed at least one tear of joy, then he ought to when he reads this.

I congratulate the Demakes in the above photograph.

I know how hard they work. I know what classy people they are.

I understand the value of education – and I wish them the best on this beautiful achievement.

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