The Stormy Weekend

Lynn/Nahant Beach over the wet weekend rocked and rolled.

Huge waves rolling in and smashing against the seawall roared and crashed until the wee hours of the morning when Saturday turned to Sunday.

The roar of the ocean, and we are not using the term lightly, was palpable and could be heard hundreds of yards back from the beach so that if you were standing on Balitmore Street in the Diamond District it was as if the ocean was only a few steps away.

The torrential rains Saturday, followed by the torrential rains Sunday were followed by yet more rain and grayness Monday.

The weatherman is predicting a week of clouds and rain which is predictable for the beginning of June.

Everything we do outside more than at any time of the year now depends on the weather and now more than any time of the year, the weather seems not to want to cooperate.

Everything around us seems covered with a patina of gray – dull undifferentiated gray.

The streets are gray. The sidewalks are gray. The sky is gray. The ocean is gray. It is raining off and on all the time and even inside our minds we go gray.

Let’s hope June gets this gray and rain out of its system after this week and we begin the summer of 2012 with sun and heat and long days at the beach or doing whatever it is we want.

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