KIPP in the Limelight

June 21, 2012

It is one thing to create and carry on with a very ambitious educational venue and to make it work above all odds and to enjoy great success. It is another thing to have a gaffe and have to apologize for it.

This is exactly what has happened at KIPP, where educational excellence is what that group is all about.

Due to a teacher not paying close enough attention, one of their teen students was left behind after a visit during a trip to West Virginia. She wasn’t hurt but KIPP’s reputation suffered a ding.

By and large, KIPP does whatever it does exceptionally well.

To measure KIPP by this single instance of policy gone wrong would be a great disservice.

We know KIPP will do the right thing so this never happens again.

We believe in KIPP and what it is able to do for its students.

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