Councillor Crighton Leads Fight Against Rodents

The city council and the mayor are spearheading an effort to sharply reduce the rodent population of this city which is experiencing a rodent problem almost citywide.

In some neighborhoods rodents are more prevalent than in others but they are everywhere, all the time, and only the strongest of efforts at reducing their population is going to lead to that.

To this end, Councillor Brendan Crighton has been leading the charge locally for more than a year aimed at eliminating the city’s rodent population. He is presently the city government’s chief architect of a citywide effort that may be launched shortly.

What the city is likely to do is to make about $3 million available and to purchase tens of thousands of barrels with covers to be distributed to literally every homeowner in the city so that when trash day comes from week to week, the trash is inside a sealed barrel instead of sitting on sidewalks and being picked at by rodents.

The only way rodents get to live and multiply is if they find sufficient trash and garbage to eat. Here in Lynn, from week to week in nearly every neighborhood, there are plenty of residences where the owners leave trash out on the sidewalk.

Uncovered trash is a goldmine for rodents who rummage through open containers or plastic bags for food.

Crighton’s citywide program would offer the barrels with lids for free, a barrel with a special hook on it to allow for Waste Management trucks doing their trash routes here to raise the barrel mechanically, unload it and lower the barrel mechanically.

By doing so, trash collection citywide is made simpler but more importantly, rodents do not have access to tens of thousands of barrels that don’t have lids.

This effort will also require the refinement of apartment housing collections.

But when all is said and done, and the city has accomplished putting this program into effect, rodents will have a much more difficult time existing than they do today.

Thank you Councillor Crighton for your effort and foresight. Thank you city council and the mayor.

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