Conigliaro Launches La Chic Mentoring Plus

pictured at the La Chic Mentoring Plus fundraiser Aaug. 8 at Fraser Field are internationally known plastic surgeon Dr. Sheldon Sevinor, Claire Cavanagh, executive director Keisha Conigliaro, Cristal Mmarcano, and Pauline
Spirito and Vinny Spirito of Infinity Fashion Boutique of Swampscott.

Keisha Conigliaro, wife of former Major League Baseball player Billy Conigliaro, has started La Chic Mentoring Plus, a non-profit year-round, after-school mentoring program for girls and young women ages 8-21 and their families.

Conigliaro and program officials held a fundraiser and silent auction Aug. 8 at a North Shore Navigators game at Fraser Field. Former Red Sox pitcher Jim Corsi and Billy Conigliaro signed autographs at the event.

“La Chic Mentoring Plus helps young ladies with their self-esteem, confidence, and overall skills of becoming a better person,” said Conigliaro, “I basically work with low-income and high-risk girls. There’s so much more to them that people never really see and I’m able to bring that positive energy out and show them that they can be something great.”

Conigliaro said the program assists girls in Lynn and other North Shore communities. Though the program is currently based in Beverly, Conigliaro intends to open a Lynn office.  Lynn residents Clay Walsh and Claire Cavanagh are affiliated with the organization.

“The fundraiser went great,” Conigliaro reported. “I was very excited to see all the people and the support we received.”

(For more information about La Chic Mentoring Plus, please visit their web site:

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