When Terrible Things Happen to Good People

Dillon and Riley McManus, twin brothers with their lives stretching before them like an endless dream, were struck by tragedy last week.

Thursday morning they were healthy and fine enjoying their lives and then at 11:00 p.m. while crossing the street in front of their home on Boston Street they were hit by a Hummer driven by a Lynn woman.

Police believe it was an accident – and in fact – it likely was.

But the result of the accident is a tragedy of enormous proportion.

Dillon never regained consciousness. He died Saturday. His brother remains in the hospital with serious injuries but he is expected to survive.

In death, Dillon McManus has given others the gift of life.

As an organ donor, his vital organs were taken out of him and donated to others waiting for transplants.

Not enough can be said about the gift of life Dillon gave to those who needed organs to replace their failing organs.

As for Riley, he faces years of rehabilitation before he will be right again.

This accident proves how in a moment all of our lives can be forever altered or taken from us just like that, with the snap of a finger.

It is a reminder to us all that we should always live in the knowledge that we are here today but tomorrow we may die.

We feel for the McManus Family and for the friends of Dillon and Riley McManus.

This tragic accident proves that terrible things often happen to good and decent people.

We pray for the recovery of Riley McManus.

We mourn the death of his twin brother, Dillon.

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