Lynn Officials Endorse John Tierney

Lynn elected representatives and city officials endorsed U.S. Congressman John Tierney in his bid for re-election to the Sixth District seat in the House of Representatives. Pictured Monday morning at the Lynn Democratic Headquarters on Boston Street are (from left) Councilor-at-Large Hong Net, School Committee member John Ford, State Rep. Steve Walsh, Councilor-at-Large Buzzy Barton, State Sen. Thomas McGee, Congressman John Tierney, State Rep. Robert Fennell, Councilor-at-Large Dan Cahill, Councilor Peter Capano, Councilor Brendan Crighton, and School Committee member Maria Carrasco.

U.S. Congressman John Tierney received the endorsement of several Lynn officials during a event Monday morning at Lynn Democratic Headquarters on Boston Street.

The Beacon Hill delegation of State Sen. Thomas McGee and State Reps. Steve Walsh and Robert Fennell and the Lynn contingent of Councilors Dan Cahill, Buzzy Barton, Hong Net, Peter Capano and Brendan Crighton and School Committee members John Ford and Maria Carrasco all offered strong endorsements of Tierney’s re-election bid.

Tierney has served as Lynn’s congressman in the House of Representatives for 16 years. He is in a hotly contested race in the Sixth District that includes the entire city of Lynn. Former state senator Richard Tisei is the Republican candidate while Daniel Fishman is running as the Libertarian candidate. Tierney began the program by saying he was pleased to accept the endorsements.

“This is an indication that there is a clear choice in this election, particularly in regards to municipalities and what the differences are between the two parties, in fact, believing that we have an obligation and an interest in investing in our communities and making sure that the federal government as well state and local governments work together,” said Tierney.

The congressman said an effective federal-state-local partnership is important “so that our neighborhoods are strong, our schools, hospitals and clinics are strong and people have the opportunity to get a job and get the workforce training and skills they need for a job as well as the education.”

Tierney cited his numerous accomplishments as Lynn’s representative in Congress.

“We have a done a lot – we have done over $34 million for Lynn through grants, appropriations, spending bills, and the Recovery Act,” said Tierney. “When things were bleakest for our cities and towns, it was Democrats and I was proud to be with them and pass the Recovery Act and make sure that we made the investments to keep our teachers in the classroom and make sure we had our health clinics not only just exist but able to thrive and serve the communities here.”

McGee was first to praise Tierney’s record in Congress and offer his support for the November 6 election.

“For 16 years I can say that John has been a real partner in terms of things that are important to the city of Lynn, my district that I represent, just as important to the Commonwealth,” said McGee.

“Two things that really stick out for me, if you could have a list of the investments we have – the investment to get that [City Hall] auditorium going – we know how important that is to the refurbishment of our downtown. Two things in particular that John has been a real champion on [are] workforce development, making sure the education piece, not only for K-12 but also making sure the training is available for the E-team machinists program and making funds available to make sure that people get the skills they need to fill the jobs that are still out there.

“[Congressman Tierney] is also making sure that veterans have access to health care and that the clinic came to Lynn and creating a state-of-the-art facility in Lynn,” said McGee. “He’s always been accessible on the issues that impact our district.”

Walsh, a recognized leader on health care issues in the state House of Representatives, cited Tierney’s work on behalf of students and seniors.

“Congressman Tierney’s commitment to our community colleges has been second to none,” said Walsh. “We have a great community college [North Shore Community College] in Lynn that is bursting at the seams. John has been there to help every step of the way. Congressman Tierney supports loans for our students so they’re able to get the much-needed education and training programs they need and which we have in the city of Lynn.

“The other remarkable difference between Congressman Tierney and his opponent is Medicare and seniors. Lynn Community Health Center, Greater Lynn Senior Services, programs like that would be decimated if Richard Tisei is elected,” said Walsh. “John Tierney has always stood with our seniors and our students and that, other than being a personal friend to me and to this community, is one of the major policy reasons why I stand with him once again in this election.”

Cahill said he was proud to support Tierney. “I’m honored to be here with leaders in our community. It’s a testament to how important John Tierney to the city of Lynn. John Tierney has been there to bring us that funding to make sure that Lynn becomes a better place. We’re lucky to have such a visible congressman.”

Carrasco said Tierney has been a strong supporter of students in the Lynn school system.

“It’s a privilege to support John Tierney,” said Carrasco. “He is a person that is always there for education. We have a great community college and he supports all the students to be able to get scholarships. Congressman Tierney is a very hard-working person. We need him to be there [in Congress] because we know how hard he’s worked with people to provide resources to this community.”

The Sixth District election is arguably the most watched congressional race in Massachusetts. Prior to the speaking program, a Channel 5 producer interviewed Tierney for upcoming candidate segments that will be aired on the station. Tierney and Tisei will appear in a live one-on-one debate on the Jim Braude show Thursday (Oct. 18) at 6 p.m. on New England Cable News.

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