Special Permit Required for Boston Street Pharmacy

October 23, 2012

Developers have submitted plans to purchase a Boston Street property and to rip down three existing buildings in order to place a modern CVS or Walgreen’s style pharmacy.

The location, according to plans filed with the city, includes Harvest Time, Over Easy Restaurant and Happy Valley Automotive.

The development will require a special permit from the city.

To that end, the developer, Tropical Star Development is seeking just that.

TSD is a New Hampshire company.

City records reveal that this property is zoned light industrial, ergo, the reason for the necessity of a special permit.

The entire area has changed dramatically during the past 25 years.

What used to be a smattering of aging brick and wood shoe factories has been transformed into one of the city’s more prominent commercial district’s with several shopping center type configurations, banking institutions and a variety of smaller commercial businesses.

At least one of the three businesses will relocate in the city.

Lynn has become a popular spot for larger style pharmacies.

Generally they build and lease the land from the owners, providing large monthly rentals with long-term leases.

They also generate lots of jobs and  contribute generous property taxes to the city – and there is a substantial building permit fee.

The end product is a modern structure generating major business and serving residents here for their pharmacy needs as well as others.

It is believe the city council will allow the special permit.

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