Market Basket Will Be a Great Addition to City

Lynn residents who have visited a Market Basket store in nearby communities, especially Chelsea – where the DeMoulas family has built one of the largest and most impressive supermarkets in all of New England – know what a great addition a new Market Basket will be to this city.

In addition to the more than 500 jobs the new business will create, a new store at the former site of the General Electric Factory building at Western Avenue/Federal Street will invigorate and improve the entire area.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and others who reached out to the DeMoulas family deserve a tremendous amount of credit for attracting such a professionally run supermarket chain that will be an asset to our city.

Market Basket is known for being a great corporate citizen and its contributions to all segments of the Lynn community will become known even before the opening of its new store.

City officials and residents of Chelsea will tell you how Market Basket has transformed Everett Avenue in that city into a bustling business community with several nationally known stores such as Starbucks, Five Guys, and Radio Shack.

We look forward to the day soon when Market Basket opens its new store in Lynn.

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