Beyond the Soccer Field: Lynn Youth Players Learning Important Lessons

Lynn Youth Soccer is one of the city’s largest individual sports organizations, providing superior instruction to young players, many who move on to play at the high school level and beyond.

Playing youth sports is also about learning  teamwork, good will and sportsmanship while developing an understanding that there are important events that happen away from the playing field and affect people throughout the world.

We bring to your attention the decision by coach Tim Phelan and members of the Lynn Youth Soccer Breakers girls team to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings this season. The Lynn players are wearing Newtown Soccer Club patches on their jerseys. Each player also wrote an essay about a Sandy Hook student. The Lynn players will have the students in their hearts when they take the field for games.

Newtown Soccer Club officials were grateful to the team and sent along the patches. Amy Mangold, director of parks and recreation for the town of Newton, thanked Phelan and his team for their display of thoughtfulness and their unified show of support for the Newtown community.

Lynn Youth Soccer is to be commended for reaching out to the Newtown community and honoring the memory of the 20 Sandy Hook students and six school staff members with this symbolic gesture of togetherness and support.

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