A Great Show at the Lynn Auditorium

Country music fans were treated to a great show last Thursday night at the Lynn Auditorium as Ayla Brown and Clint Black each lit up the stage with dynamic performances.

The crowd treated both entertainers to warm ovations. Brown, who is headed to the Grand Old Opry in Nashville for her first performance at the famous concert stage, was about to receive a full standing ovation from the crowd, but exited quickly from the stage. She also drew applause for presenting birthday flowers to her grandmother, Judi Brown, mother of former U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

Black, a major star on the country music circuit, and his band delighted the audience with a selection of his popular songs and his repartee with the crowd was warm and genuine. The ovation was loud and appreciative and the personable Clint Black rewarded it with an encore.

It all made for a great night at the Lynn City Auditorium, which has proven to be one of the great signature successes of the Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy administration.

We couldn’t help but notice the many people dining at Brothers Restaurant in Lynn who were headed to the show and we’re sure other downtown restaurants received a boost in business as well.

The shows at the Lynn Auditorium have brought an excitement and a feeling of pride to our city, much in the same manner that the Lowell Auditorium and the North Shore Music Theater have to the cities of Lowell and Beverly. With the air conditioning system set to be ready by mid-July, everything points toward a bigger and brighter future for the Lynn Auditorium.

The ushers and ticket and food personnel were friendly, courteous, and professional, making it a terrific environment in which to enjoy the show.

Auditorium general manager James Marsh said, “The crowd was great and Ayla and Clint both put on a wonderful show. Putting a thousand people in our seats also demonstrated to us that there is a market for country here in Lynn.”

We in Lynn are fortunate to have such a great facility, one that attracts major entertainers who want to come to our city.

To all who made this happen, we say thank you and we look forward to ZZ Top, which we understand is already a sold out show.

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