Thank You, Bill Trahant and the Highlands Coalition

When you have a prominent city leader and a neighborhood group working together for the betterment of the city, great things can happen.

That’s the only way you can describe the partnership between Ward 2 Councilor Bill Trahant Jr. and the Highlands Coalition as they teamed up to make the Henry Avenue Playground a useful and safe facility for all residents of that neighborhood.

Trahant and his firm donated their time, energy, and resources to install the new playground equipment at the park. You can’t measure the joy the children and their families will receive from having a newly restored park in their neighborhood. We’re sure the basketball courts will provide hours of healthy fun and fitness as well.

Bill Trahant Jr. has been an advocate for the youth of our city during his distinguished career as a member of the Lynn City Council. Trahant’s contribution to this successful project and his teamwork with the Highlands Coalition are terrific examples of how the Lynn City Council, in coordination with the mayor and other city departments, can work to help make our city a great place to live every single day.

We join the residents of Ward 2 and the entire city in saying, “Thank you, Councilor Trahant and the Highlands Coalition for a job well done.”

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