Mayor Kennedy Opens Campaign Headquarters

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is pictured with her many supporters at the opening of her campaign headquarters on Chestnut Street.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy is pictured with her many supporters at the opening of her campaign headquarters on Chestnut Street.

Many supporters attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy’s re-election campaign headquarters Sunday.

The sizable turnout was impressive when you consider it was an extended holiday weekend, the temperature was approximately 95 degrees, and another well-attended event in Lynn coincided with the time of the ribbon cutting.

“We’re here at 582 Chestnut St. and as you can see, we picked a very easy phone number to remember for the campaign headquarters: It’s 599-JUDY,” said Kennedy. “We’ve had a great turnout on such a hot day and I know on summer weekends it’s tough to get people but I think we had a terrific turnout and everybody here is looking forward to a great race.

“We’re all going to work really hard and we want to continue what we’ve been doing for the next four years,” she said.

The Chestnut Street office will be her sole campaign headquarters in the city.

“We have an easy access location – we’re right on Route 129. We’re very close to Western Avenue. We’re on bus routes. We have our personal parking. We have a storefront and most importantly we have Donut City and Subway right across the way.”

Kennedy said she has begun to campaign actively and will be going door-to-door throughout the city. She attended block parties during the Fourth of July celebration and enjoyed a tremendous reception from seniors at the Mayor’s Fourth of July Cookout held July 3.

“I’m really looking forward to the campaign,” said Kennedy, who attended Tufts University and University of Pennsylvania Law School.  “I’m very energized and I love the group of people that are volunteering to help me. They have been wonderful to me and I would like to continue working for them.”

Kennedy said she will be “running strictly on my record.”

“In fact, I’m hoping to have a leaflet put together with ‘101 Things That Are Happening In Lynn Now,’ that weren’t happening before,” said Kennedy.

The mayor said she is looking forward to participating in debates with Council President Timothy Phelan, who has announced his candidacy for mayor.

“I love debates. I really do. Chip Clancy and I had several debates in the last election season. I found them a great way to get the message apart and to really delineate the differences between my opponent and me. I think it’s a great way for people to get to know their candidates.”

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