Congratulations, Chris Dwyer on Your Promotion to the Kansas City Royals of MLB

Chris Dwyer, who played sports at St. Mary’s High School and led the Spartans to the Super Bowl championship, was called up the Kansas City Royals last week.

He joined the Royals on Friday and will remain with the team until the end of the regular season. It’s been an exciting journey for the 25-year-old pitcher who began his career in the Swampscott Little League before enrolling at St. Mary’s High School.

St. Mary’s director of athletics Jeff Newhall, who coached Dwyer for three seasons in American Legion baseball, said, “Chris has been a dominant pitcher for quite a while and he has put in a tremendous amount of work to get where he is today. Having the pleasure of watching him pitch numerous times, I can honestly say I am not surprised at all that he is in Major League Baseball.”

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