Keo to Face Chakoutis in Ward 5

The Ward 5 City Council race is now between Diana Chakoutis who earned 50.6 percent of the vote in the preliminary election on September 17 and Jake Keo who had 187 votes.

A recount on Monday, September 30, requested by third place finisher Seth Albaum who had 182 votes, failed to change any votes between Keo and Albaum. However, Chakoutis did pick up 3 additional votes in the recount to get to 369 votes.

Albaum, who publishes a popular local blog on Lynn city politics and events in the community and was well-known heading into the preliminary, said after the recount that he would meet with his former opponents before deciding whether or not to endorse either in the general election.

The recount confirms the candidates who will appear on the ballot for city elective offices on November 5.

With the recount completed the city can now certify the candidates and have ballots printed.
The ballot for City Council seats will include the following candidates. Councilor At-Large
G. Buzzy Barton, Daniel Cahill, Hong L. Net, Brendan Crighton, Robert Clay Walsh, Paul T. Crowley, Miguel Funex and Aikaterini Koudanis. The top four vote finishers of the eight candidates will earn At-Large Council seats on the council

Ward 1

Councilor   Wayne Lozzi will face Debra A. Plunkett’s.

Ward 2

Councilor William R. Trahant Jr. faces Jesse C. Jaeger’s

Ward 3

Councilor Darren P. Cyr is opposed by M. Ronald Mendes

Ward 4

Councilor Richard C. Collucci faces A. Murrell-Rosario’s.

Ward 6

Councilor Peter L Capano is running unopposed.

Ward 7

Councilor Richard J. Ford is running unopposed.

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