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Council president says sale of Lynn-owned land on Route 1 could help with school repairs

To the editor:

I am and always have been an avid supporter and protector  of Lynn Woods. For years, my son Ryan and I have spent a lot of time there, hiking, walking our dog or just exploring.

The City of Lynn owns a substantial amount of land on Route 1 North, located in the Town of Lynnfield.

It is not part of Lynn Woods nor is it conservation land as some letter writers have incorrectly pointed out since I proposed an innovative idea for our public schools in recent debates.  An extensive Title Examination was conducted by the City in 2007 regarding approximately 22 acres of this land, followed by a written legal opinion which specifically indicated  this parcel is not part of Lynn Woods and the land contains no restrictions or conditions which affect its marketability.  I would never try to sell Lynn Woods land,  on the contrary I would protect it. This land is located on both sides and around the Fat Cactus Restaurant. A part of the land actually has a billboard there now.  This portion of Route 1 North is littered with Car Dealerships, Restaurants and stores with the exception of the land owned by the City of Lynn. This makes no sense. The City of Lynn has an estimated $20 million worth of building repairs needed for our old crumbling schools and no money to do so. The estimated value is $750,000 to  a million dollars per acre (22 acres).  I am proposing we sell or lease this land and create a revolving account solely used for the repair of our public schools.  The City of Lynn should not own and do nothing with one of the only undeveloped pieces of land on Route 1. It is a valuable piece of property and the real estate development market is good,  as evidenced by the highly successful new Lynnfield walking mall. It is creative thinking,  a new revenue source, will free up City funds for other uses and the kids of Lynn deserve it.

Very truly yours,

Tim Phelan

Lynn City Council President

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