Lynn Leaders Shine in Roundtable Talk with Treasurer Grossman

State Treasurer Steve Grossman completed a tour of the Pickering Middle School and then sat down with Lynn school leaders to discuss the possibility of building a brand new Pickering Middle School following Lynn voters’ recent approval of a $92 million Marshall Middle School project.

Grossman asked each of the Lynn school officials assembled to talk about the issue and the local delegation spoke about the need for a new school and how it would provide an environment where students could best reach their potential. The officials spoke proudly about the accomplishments of Lynn students.

Grossman was clearly impressed by the eloquent message of optimism and pride that was delivered by our Lynn school leaders. Grossman predicted that a brand new state-of-the-art Pickering Middle School would be built in the near future.

School Committee member Charlie Gallo, who had asked Grossman to tour Pickering, Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Catherine Latham, Pickering Principal Kevin Rittershaus, School Committee member John Ford, and State Rep. Robert Fennell deserve much credit for stating their case so eloquently and concisely in their impromptu session with Treasurer Grossman. Lynn parents should be very proud of the leaders of our school system.

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