From College Star to Navs’ Front Office: Ashley Laramie Earns Graduate Degree from Northeastern in Sports Leadership

July 21, 2014
Ashley Laramie, assistant general manager of the North Shore Navigators, is pictured with her parents, Fred and Pam, before a recent game at Fraser Field.

Ashley Laramie, assistant general manager of the North Shore Navigators, is pictured with her parents, Fred and Pam, before a recent game at Fraser Field.

Ashley Laramie is the assistant general manager of the North Shore Navigators but her career can serve as a role model for the team’s roster of talented college stars.

Like all of the Navs’ players, Laramie competed in a high school sport (softball) and then became a star at Lasell College, graduating in 2011 with a degree in Sports Management.

After serving in an internship position, Laramie moved in to an administrative role on general manager Bill Terlecky’s team with the Navigators.

Laramie was the designated hitter for her senior season at Lynn Classical High School, hitting three home runs.

Laramie’s collegiate softball career was brilliant. She developed into an All-Conference First Team player and received All-Academic recognition. Laramie belted 21 home runs in the middle of the Lasell lineup and didn’t miss a game in four years. Though she began her career as a first baseman, she made the conversion to starting catcher for her final two seasons.

Off the field, Laramie was a respected student leader on campus, receiving an award for her outstanding contributions to the college. She graduated magna cum laude.

With the lack of a noteworthy U.S. softball professional league in existence, Laramie knew her organized playing days were over. But she has since supplemented her degree at Lasell with a Master’s degree in Sports Leadership from Northeastern University.

“Originally I wanted to be an athletic trainer but then I decided I wanted to pursue a career in sports management,” said Laramie.

She became an intern with the Navigators following her junior year at Lasell. This spring she had a position in sports operations at Florida Gulf Coast University before rejoining the Navs in May.

“It’s been a wonderful experience with the Navigators,” said Laramie. “I’m learning a lot from Bill Terlecky. He’s just a wealth of knowledge and information. He knows so much about professional and college baseball and I’m grateful to him for this opportunity.”

This is her second year as assistant GM and as with most baseball organizations, she has a wide range of duties. Her responsibilities range from player personnel matters and contract signings to monitoring equipment inventory and finding host family living arrangements for the players.

“I just try to make sure our guys have everything they need to play baseball,” said Laramie.

Her goal is to land a position in college or professional sports full time.

“I’ve been applying to different jobs around the Boston area,” said Laramie. “My dream job would be an academic adviser in a college athletics department.”

Laramie says she can relate well to the Navigators’ players.

“It’s actually been pretty easy to work with the players because I can relate to them as being a college athlete before and it’s easier for me to advise them on certain things,” said Laramie. “We have a great group of guys on this team who are very courteous and have been great with our young fans.”

The attractive 24-year-old said she has always received tremendous support from her parents, Fred and Pam, in all of her endeavors. In fact, her parents work in the concessions area for the team.

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