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Very disappointed

To The Editor:

I am deeply disappointed by the recent actions of Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College.  Mr. Lindsay recently signed a letter asking President Obama for a religious exemption from the law banning employment discrimination against gay and lesbian workers.

programs for Lynn elementary students.

The policies of the Lynn Schools rightly envision a learning community that is open, welcoming, and free from discrimination regardless of sexual orientation. Sadly, Mr. Lindsay’s recent request envisions the opposite.

It is my sincere hope that Mr. Lindsay reconsiders his stance for the sake of both Lynn and Gordon’s students and faculty. Should he fail to do so, I will be requesting that the Lynn School Department seek out a different community partner with policies that are consistent with a policy of non-discrimination, and that are not unfair or hurtful to Lynn students and faculty.

Charlie Gallo

Lynn School Committee Member and

Candidate for State Representative

Gordon College has been a community partner of Lynn’s for some time.

Student teachers from Gordon have completed their practicums in the Lynn Schools, and Gordon faculty have created beneficial

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