Meet Lynn’s newest author: K.C. Woodworth releases first book

Lynn native K.C. Woodworth was at Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Saugus over the weekend signing copies of his new book, “Cutting Off A Whale’s Head.”

Woodworth grew up in Curwin Circle and attended the Callahan School, Breed Junior High, and Lynn Tech.

He went on to attend San Francisco State University. “I wanted to be a writer my whole life so I was an English major and studied Literature,” said Woodworth. “I also met my wife there. When we graduated, my wife talked me into giving up writing for a little awhile and going into business. ”

Woodworth, 53, went into business and became a stockbroker and also worked in the banking and automobile industries.

“I sold cars for Toyota and did a whole bunch of sales jobs and I was always very good at sales, but I never liked it. It was never right for me.”

Woodworth started a wholesale distribution business in Sacramento. The business grew tremendously when Woodworth began to sell novelty items.

“The novelty business took off and I made a fortune for five years. When the recession hit, it put me out of business. When the economy is doing well, novelty items sell like crazy. When we’re in a recession, they stop buying novelty items.”

Woodworth’s business experiences are detailed in his new book and helped inspire the subject of his work.

After his novelty business failed, Woodworth heard that a dead whale had washed up on Ocean Beach in San Francisco and he went to see the whale.

“I drove to San Francisco looking for the whale, but the whale wasn’t there,” said Woodworth.

Woodworth sat down to write a book, including his near-experience with the whale.

“This book is fiction. It’s what I call a speculative, narrative on what might have happened had the whale been there that day,” said Woodworth. “The book is based on actual events in my business. I also talk about my experiences growing up in Lynn.”

Woodworth has fond memories of Lynn.

“My friends and I had a lot of fun. We used to walk to places mainly. We used to go to Lynn Woods and make forts up there.”

Woodworth’s mother, Joanne, lives on North Common Street in Lynn. His father, Arthur, passed away five years ago. He has a sister, Kim, who lives in Lynn, and two brothers, Kevin and Eric, who live in New Hampshire.

The book is available for purchase at bookstores (by order) and online at

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