The Bransfields Give Classical Football Program a Big Boost

Classical football boosters Maryann Bransfield and Keith Bransfield, pictured at the awards banquet.

Classical football boosters Maryann Bransfield and Keith Bransfield, pictured at the awards banquet.

The team jackets were adorned in elegant Lynn Classical green with the gold ‘C’ and black leather sleeves. If you’re a football player at LCHS, how can you not be anything but proud to wear that in the halls of your high school?

The other presentations were equally meaningful, distinguished awards named after people of distinction: Harry Agganis, Boley Dancewicz, Harold Durgin, Bill Joyce, Abel Marquez, Gerald LeBrasseur, and Bob Melanson.

Taking the entire scene in for the 17th time was Keith Bransfield, president of the Lynn Classical Boosters Club. Bransfield and his wife, Maryann, who help plan and conduct the season-ending banquet each year.

Bransfield’s son, James, is a 2002 graduate of Classical and an assistant coach in the program.

“We started with the Boosters in James’s first season in the program as a freshman in 1998,” recalled Mr. Bransfield. “It’s kind of a labor of love. We enjoy being involved and doing it. Each year it becomes a little bit harder so we’re always looking for new parents to new parents to get involved. But we enjoy the kids and the whole process.”

Bransfield said the Boosters raise between $18,000-$20,000 each year, funds that go back in to the program.

“Tonight we have jackets, shirts, hats, and photos for all the kids,” said Bransfield. “We have team meals during the season and during the summer camp we serve lunch.”

Bransfield said he may be ready to hand the reins to another Booster.

“I’m 62 years old this year so we’re cutting back so we’re going to be less involved on the day-to-day activity but I’m going to still take care of the financial stuff.”

In his non-football life, Bransfield is the chief financial officer for Centerboard, a non-profit organization in Lynn, and Gregg House, a daycare agency in the city.

Bransfield said while growing up, “our family were all hockey players.” His son, James played hockey, and his nephews also took to the ice.

“My brother, Kirk, was an All-American player who was a co-captain at English and played at Yale,” said Bransfield. “They won a couple of Northeastern Conference championships back in the 1970s. Kirk was the really good hockey player in the family. My father [Bill Bransfield] used to be basketball player and coach but we all turned in to hockey players. My father was on the 1941 St. Mary’s basketball team that was inducted in to the Hall of Fame last year.”

Boosters’ excellence runs in the family. Bransfield’s brother, Kenny, is a former leader of the Lynn English football and hockey boosters’ organizations.

Classical coach Tim Phelps, who first met Mr. Bransfield as a T-ball coach in the Wyoma Little League, credited Bransfield for his outstanding support of the football program.

“Mr. Bransfield is very devoted to the program and it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy,” said Phelps. “There is a lot of turnaround but the Bransfields have always been here and it’s a good thing to have.”

Bransfield said he’s enjoyed his relationship with Phelps and former Classical coach, Matt Durgin.

“Tim is a great guy and was a great kid who I’ve known since he was five years old,” said Bransfield. “It’s a pleasure to work with him and I’ve enjoyed our time together. Between Tim and Matt [Durgin], we’ve had two great coaches over the last 17 years.”

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