Lynn to Get Nearly $1.5 Million from State for Roadway Repairs

Following an historic winter season that resulted in many roads across the city falling into disrepair, the city of Lynn got some good news from the statehouse this week, when State Senator Thomas McGee announced that the city would be getting nearly $1.5 million in new Chapter 90 funding for roads and bridges.

That funding, coupled with money authorized in last year’s budget, but never released by MassDOT and former Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, will result in a record $2.4 million in state funds that will be available to Lynn to repair city streets during the coming roadway season.

“Even though we’re authorizing less money (in the FY 2016 budget) than we did last year, we’re going to have more money available (to the city) for road repairs,” explained Senator McGee. “In many ways, it’s probably more helpful to have (funding from last year’s budget) available now now, given the winter we’ve just had.”

The state legislature authorized a record $300 million for statewide Chapter 90 roadways funding last year, but approximately $100 million of that funding was never released during the year, as Governor Patrick’s administration began to anticipate a funding shortfall.

Newly elected Governor Charlie Baker authorized returning the Chapter 90 funding to the previous level of $200 million statewide, but also authorized the release of the funding from last year, which had been held back.

The combination of the two funding streams will give Lynn a record $2,225,864 as its share of the state Chapter 90 funds.

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