Aidan Dow Receives Sonny Man Hill Trophy

Aidan Dow is an amazing kid. That’s the sentiment shared by family, friends, coaches, and teammates who have watched the 13-year-old Pine Hill Little League graduate grow up and develop into a talented three-sport athlete and a courteous young man.

Aidan has battled through various respiratory ailments and has undergone surgeries.  Today he is in good health and has an active lifestyle, playing East Lynn Pop Warner football, school and AAU basketball, and Little League baseball.

Sunday night Little League officials presented Aidan the city’s highest honor, the Sonny Man Hill Sportsmanship Award. Rosemary Hill, wife of the former Little League coach and youth sports leader, presented the award to Dow during a ceremony at the Hibernian Hall.

Past committee members Russ Meade and Bob Keaney and Councillor-at-Large candidate Brian LaPierre spoke about Sonny Man Hill’s contributions to the youth sports community and his everlasting influence on the youths he coached in the West Lynn American Little League.

The moment of the night came when committee chair Frank McElligott announced that Aidan Dow was the recipient of the 2015 Sonny Man Sportsmanship Award.

A student at the Breed Middle School, Aidan said he was aware of the significance of the Sonny Man Hill Award, having met and talked with past recipients.

“I’m excited to win this award,” said Aidan. “I try to always do my best and play with sportsmanship on the field. I want to thank the Hill family for all they’ve done to support this award.”

Aidan was a Pine Hill Little League All-Star pitcher who led his Reds team to the final of the City Series. He hit eight home runs this season. His baseball coach is his father, Pete Dow Sr., a former Lynn Tech football standout, who played alongside Melvin Lark Jr. for the Tigers.

“I really look up to my dad who’s been a great coach and mentor,” said Aidan. “I really love my parents (Pete and Jill) and my brother very much.”

Pete Dow Sr. said the family was excited about the Hill Award.

“We’re really happy to see Aidan win this prestigious award,” said Dow. “It means a lot to me and it’s a tremendous honor for my son. My dad was a coach in football and baseball for 35 years in the city and he passed away last September (2014) and we’re actually in the process of coming up with an award to be given in his memory.”

Pete Dow Sr. said he followed in his father’s footsteps as a coach. He is also vice president of Pine Hill Little League but he will be stepping down after 12 years in the organization.

“I’ll be opening a new restaurant, Coach Pete’s Corner, on Chatham Street,” said Dow.

All in all, it was a great night for Aidan Dow and the Dow family that has made a positive impact on the Lynn youth sports scene for decades.

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