Council Approves Permit for 21-Unit Apartment Development

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Lynn City Council voted in favor Tuesday night of approving a special permit to allow a proposed 21-unit residential building to be built at 599-603 Summer Street in Lynn, just a block away from the GE Plant on Western Avenue, despite the fact the property sits in a business district.

According to Inspectional Services Director Michael Donovan after the public hearing, since the proposed use is less intensive than other allowable uses in the commercial district, the proposal will need little more than typical inspectional services approvals from the city going forward.

“With their approval tonight, he has a green light to go forward,” said Donovan of the developer. “He does conservation and flood related issues there he will have to deal with FEMA, but as far as (Lynn) is concerned, he is clear to move ahead.”

The owner of the property, Nikolay Polinovskiy, said after the vote that he is hopeful that the project can receive the remainder of its environmental permits in time to begin construction in the spring.

“It could begin (construction) in the spring, maybe by May if everything goes well,” said Polinovskiy. “We still need to meet with a couple of committee before we get there.”

The building is being designed by architect David Haliotis of HH Design Group Architects.

“It is time to start building in that neighborhood again,” noted Haliotis. “It was moving forward about ten years ago, it is time to get started again.”

The proposed 20+ unit development would be over three floors with a pier supported building and parking above grade, to get it out of the floodzone.

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