Bigger and Brighter:Lucia Lighting and Design Celebrates Ten Successful Years in City of Lynn

Story and Photo by Marianne Salza

Since 2005 Lucia Lighting and Design has been crafting unique light fixtures for customers who desire a deeper level of design and functionality in the indoor and outdoor living spaces of their homes or businesses.

“Over the past 10 years we’ve compiled an amazing group of lighting people,” said Lucia Dearborn, Owner. “If someone wants to create a signature piece, we can help them do that.”

Certified Lighting Specialists from the New England area, California, Europe, and China, design custom-made colorful, blown glass fixtures, hand-forged iron pieces, handmade, silk lamp shades, metallic exterior fixtures, and crystal chandeliers.

“We try to get as many American-made things as we can. Anything we can get locally or in the U.S., we do,” said Dearborn, who beamed when announcing the expansion of their home décor business, which includes “Leonard the llama” throw pillows.

Dearborn and her team hope to appeal to a wide audience and refer to this region as “transitional,” a combination of colonial and modern styles. A homeowner may decorate their living room with modern furniture and antique lighting; or antique furniture mixed with modern fixtures.

“I think people come here because they want a special design,” said Dearborn, sitting beneath a solid copper, square lighting fixture, which she feels is an underutilized metal that can bring warmth to the décor of a space. “We have a lot of great choices. Our big goal is to have something for everyone.”

Dearborn is proud of the inquisitive professionals that have been working with Lucia Lighting and Design for years. They strive to understand customers’ lives to help them visualize a lighting design or recommend a fixture that brings a room together.

“My favorite thing about being in the lighting business is the happiness of everything,” Dearborn said. “People working in the lighting industry are fun, creative people. They’re a collaborative community.”

It excites the team at Lucia Lighting and Design when happy customers send pictures of the fixtures in their homes.

“There is a level of intimacy in what we do,” said Dearborn. “We get to know our customers really well. I think we have a lot of positive impacts on people’s lives.”

Visit the Lucia Lighting and Design showroom located at 311 Western Ave., Lynn, for traditional, crystal, transitional, and modern light fixtures. Learn more about lighting solutions for your home and business at or by calling (781) 595-0026.

Lucia Dearborn, Lucia Lighting and Design Owner, and Renee Austin, Lead Lighting Designer, in the crystal chandelier room.

Lucia Dearborn, Lucia Lighting and Design Owner, and Renee Austin, Lead Lighting Designer, in the crystal chandelier room.

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