Basketball Star Marnelle Garraud and Her Decision to Leave St Mary’s

The news came out of nowhere on a summer day when school is out, Lynn’s athletic focus is on Agganis Classic Week, and the 2015-16 high school sports season has been over for a few weeks.

Marnelle Garraud, one of the finest basketball players in Lynn if not all of Massachusetts, had made a decision to transfer from St. Mary’s High School to Nobles and Greenough in Dedham.


It’s already among Lynn’s big sports stories of the year, the caliber of former Lynn English and Vanderbilt star Ben Bowden being drafted and signing his professional baseball contract, Dave Brown and the St. Mary’s boys team winning the state basketball championship, and Tech’s Justin Lewis soaring over the competition to win the state high jump title.

We wish Marnelle Garraud all the best at her new school. She is a magnificent basketball player and was a high honor roll student in her two years at St. Mary’s High School.

We admire the candor of head coach Jeff Newhall who understands how great a player Marnelle Garraud is and what a difference maker she is on the court. With Garraud, St. Mary’s was the favorite to win a third state title next season.

But Newhall and St. Mary’s will continue their run of greatness and state title contention. So many of their players have gone on to succeed in college basketball and graduate with distinction. Tori Faieta, Cassi Amenta, Kirsten Ferrari, Brianna Rudolph, Sharell Sanders, and Jen Mucciarone are recent shining examples of St. Mary’s graduates who continued on to the next level and brought credit to their alma mater.

Marnelle Garraud and her family made what had to be a difficult decision, one to which they no doubt gave considerable thought. Marnelle has been a credit to St. Mary’s High School and the lessons about basketball that she absorbed from one of the very best coaches in Jeff Newhall, will be carried forth to Nobles and Greenough.

We know that Marnelle will continue to bring credit to the city of Lynn. We look forward to following her basketball career, albeit from a longer distance, in the Independent School League.

Good luck, Marnelle Garraud.

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