Public Safety Leaders Come Out in Force to Support Coppinger for Sheriff

Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger, candidate for Essex County Sheriff, received strong support from the public safety community. Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis spoke in praise of Coppinger’s experience, ability and skills. He called on the dozens of local Police Chiefs who attended the Coppinger campaign event in Danvers “to help elect a Sheriff who would definitely bring positive changes to the Sheriff’s Department and work hard for the people we all serve and protect.”

The Police Chiefs and officers from across Essex County were joined by criminal justice leaders including Former District Atty Kevin Burke, Undersecretary of Public Safety Curt Wood, and former Salem Chief and State Rep. Paul Tucker.  Coppinger has been endorsed by the MA Police Chiefs Assn.,the Essex County Chiefs of Police Assn and the MA Major Cities Police Chiefs organization.

“I appreciate the support I have received from so many people in law enforcement many of whom I have worked with on local and regional public safety efforts over my 30 year career,” said Coppinger. “They understand the need to create a strong public safety network that works together to protect the public from the local police to the District Attorney’s office and the Courts to the community organizations. The Sheriff’s Department can play a stronger role in that network.”

Coppinger stated, “I would like the opportunity to put my administrative, budgetary, corrections, public safety and community experience to work at the Sheriff’s Department to improve staffing standards, training and accountability; to expand and improve the detox program to confront the opioid epidemic; to improve reentry programs and follow-up; and, to take the politics out of the Sheriff’s Dept once and for all.”

This week Coppinger called on all candidates seeking the office of Sheriff to join him in not accepting campaign contributions from any individual who is employed by the Essex County Sheriff’s Department in any capacity at any location. “To be effective, the Sheriff must earn and maintain the respect of the whole Department as well as the public it serves. Taking the politics and campaign fundraising pressures out of the Sheriff’s Dept. is an essential part of achieving both moving forward.”

The Kevin F. Coppinger Committee does not accept financial contributions from any employee of the Essex County Sheriff’s Dept. or the Lynn Police Department.

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