State Rep Cahill’s Route 107 Corridor Amendment Passes

The plan to evaluate and improve transportation issues along the Route 107 Corridor received a financial boost as an amendment, co-sponsored by State Representatives Dan Cahill (D-Lynn) and Paul Tucker (D-Salem), passed as part of An Act Relative to Job Creation, Workforce Development and Infrastructure Investment. The amendment gives the Massachusetts Department of Transportation up to $150,000 which can be used for infrastructure improvements and studies along the Route 107.

 “I am excited to join my colleague, Representative Tucker, on the passing of this amendment,” said Representative Cahill. “These dedicated funds will undoubtedly help in the process of making Route 107 a safer and more efficient travel area.”

 The Route 107 corridor student will identify key improvements needed to mitigate potential future impacts from new retail development along Route 107 Lynn into Salem. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will analyze intersections along the corridor to assess to determine where problem areas are and then potential ways to improve them. The study will pay particular interest to high traffic areas including Marlborough Road/Traders Way and Swampscott Road in Salem. A plan for future transportation improvements including mitigated traffic patterns is the end goal of the project.

 “We have worked hard with the Massachusetts DOT to review and plan improvements for Route 107,” said Representative Tucker. “This funding is a good step to implement positive change for safety and traffic flow.”

The passing of the amendment comes just months after a March public meeting that was held at Lynn English High School in which neighbors and elected officials voiced their concerns about both the heavy traffic volume and safety issues of those who travel on Route 107.

 “This is a great first step in ensuring that Route 107 is safer and more efficient for those who travel or live on Route 107,” said Cahill. “I am excited to see the final recommendations of the study.”

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