NSCC’s 37th Forum on Tolerance Set for Oct 27

With the divisive nature of the coming presidential election and the civil unrest happening in this country, how do we get along and work with those who hold political beliefs different than our own? How can we celebrate our commonalities and see ourselves as one nation?

North Shore Community College’s (NSCC) 37th Forum on Tolerance, Political Tolerance in a Time of Intolerance, is a free, two-day, two-campus event that is open to the public. The forums will be held on Thursday, October 27, 6 – 8:45p.m. at NSCC’s Lynn Campus gym, 300 Broad Street and on Friday, October 28, 10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m. at the Danvers Campus, 1 Ferncroft Road, DS119.

The Lynn event will have keynote speaker Dr. Wayne Burton, NSCC President Emeritus, leading the forum. Following the keynote speaker will be a panel discussion, Beyond Political Correctness: Finding Common Ground in Social Justice & Community Building, with NSCC professors yusef Hayes and Troy Smith. Rounding out the forum will be Sheriff Frank Cousins, speaking on Building Trust in Law Enforcement and NSCC student perspectives from the “Presidential Election Teach-in.”

The Danvers event topic, How Can Americans Create a New Language of Political Tolerance?, will feature panelists and NSCC professors, Dr. Lawrence Davis and Dr. Kara Kaufman, Beverly, MA, Ward 2 Representative, Estelle Rand, and NSCC students.

Both events will have resource tables available and refreshments will be served.

NSCC Forums on Tolerance initiate educational challenges to community members to learn more about one another, bring about empathy and understanding toward other people, and to make a difference in the community-at-large.  NSCC Forums teach tolerance, embrace diversity and support a learning environment.

For more information, check out http://www.northshore.edu/tolerance/ or contact Dr. Laurie Carlson at (508) 847-6972, [email protected]

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