YMCA Plans on Hold:Mayor Vetoes Sale of Land because of Technicality

October 28, 2016

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The city council’s planned sale of about an acre of land to the YMCA, to allow the non-profit to construct a new building and expand its programming is on hold after Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy vetoed the sale this week, due to a technicality in the language of the sale agreement.

The $75,000 purchase of an acre of open space at Tremont and Wheeler streets in front of the Y was approved by the Ways and Means Committee earlier this month, but Mayor Kennedy in vetoeing the sale said the council order erroneously stated that the sale was a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT).

“My understanding is the order was a misstatement of the council’s intention,” said the mayor. “The council wanted that to be the purchase price, not a PILOT. It was a transcription error that needs to be corrected.”

Kennedy also stated that she supports the plan to build a new $26 million facility, on the parcel of land particularly since it will also include more than $300,000 in roadway improvements at the intersection of the two streets.

Additionally, although the mayor said she supports the Y’s expansion, she noted that one $75,000 PILOT payment would be insufficient for the city, given the on-going services the city will be providing to the YMCA.

She recommended that the city examine PILOT agreements with other North Shore YMCAs to see how much the Lynn Y should contribute annually.

City Council President Daniel Cahill said the council will take up the veto at a later meeting.

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