The Greater Lynn Photographic Society Helping Photographers for Decades

By Joseph Prezioso

The Greater Lynn Photographic Society (GLPA) has been helping photographers share their work and knowledge for decades.  Today they are just as active as ever.

“This is one of the premier (camera) clubs in the country,” said club president Robert Pizzano. The club teaches both the art and craft of photography according to Pizzano who has been taking photos for the past ten years and joined the club five years ago.

The club doesn’t just offer programs to help people learn to take photos, they also have speakers come in monthly to showcase their work.  Photo competitions and excursions also take up much of the clubs time.

For people who are interested in portrait and fashion photography the club also holds model sessions several times a year.  Club members set up studio set ups and bring in several models who are available all day to photograph.  The club helps shooters learn studio light and how to use their cameras when shooting models.

The club also helps out in the local community and this year created family photo Christmas cards for families that could not afford a traditional photo studio.

“Most of the members are amateurs, but there are some professionals.  Its all people who love photography,” said Pizzano.

Today the club has a membership that is mostly made up of older adults and retired professionals, but they want to change that.

“Most young people are learning photography on Facebook or Fliker, and all their friends will tell them their photos are great.  If they bring it here we will give them constructive criticism and teach them the craft,” said Pizzano.

Anyone interested in the club, which serves all of Boston and the North Shore, should attend one of their monday meetings at 7:30 PM.  The club is located at 564 Boston Street, Lynn Ma.

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