Singing for A Good Cause:Vocalist Dublin Donates Record Sales to MBT

By Cary Shuman

Cliff Dublin, a volunteer at My Brother’s Table, displays the two CDs that he has recorded. Dublin donates proceeds from the sales to the Lynn food shelter.

Lynn resident Cliff Dublin arrives weekly at My Brother’s Table food shelter ready to lend a helping hand wherever he is needed.

Maria Coccimiglio, MBT development and events manager, appreciates Dublin’s volunteer efforts. And she appreciates the funds that Dublin, a singer for many years, donates to MBT from his record sales.

“Every dollar counts when you’re helping so many in need,” said Coccimiglio.

The 58-year-old Dublin has been volunteering at MBT for one year. He has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and Asperger Syndrome.

“My singing has really helped me a lot socially,” said Dublin, who holds a green belt in karate.

The lead vocalist for the group, Anti-Chemical Straight Jackets, Dublin has recorded two CDs consisting of several songs that he wrote.

“I sell my albums for $10 and my t-shirts for $12,” said Dublin, whose 91-year-old father, Phillip Dublin, is a big supporter. “It’s good music for a good price and a good cause.”

Buddy Dublin is proud of his older brother’s musical talents.

“I think his music is excellent,” said Buddy. “And he’s doing a noble thing by helping out at the shelter and donating the proceeds to MBT. The family is very proud of him.”

Cliff Dublin mostly enjoys performing punk rock and rock ‘n roll. He has met some famous bands, including the Dead Kennedys punk rockers.

Besides music, Dublin’s other hobby is drag racing. He attends races during the summer at New England Dragway in Epping, New Hampshire.

“The cars go over 300 miles per hour,” said Dublin. “I’ve met all the drag racers. John Force is my favorite. He’s an 18-time champion. Puck rock and drag racing relate to each other – they are both about speed and power,  and that combination generates excitement.”

Dublin looks forward each week to working with other volunteers at MBT and getting to interact with the guests at the shelter.

“I feel very good about helping other people,” he said. “I’ve had a disability all my life and I know how it is to face adversity. But I have a positive outlook on life. One of my songs is called, “Stand Up and Fight for the Rights of People with a Disability.” “When people help each other, they both stand to benefit.”

(Cliff Dublin’s CDs can be purchased on

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