Wheelabrator Submits Application to DEP to Continue Monofill Operation

Wheelabrator Saugus has applied to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a change to the site-grading plan that will allow the continued use of the existing Saugus monofill for the disposal of ash residue generated at the adjacent energy-from-waste facility.

The application seeks no change in the nature of the monofill, the daily capacity, the materials deposited, or operations at the monofill. The only proposed change is to apply the same minimum slope to the final grades within two of the five internal valleys of the monofill in a configuration that is consistent with what was already approved for the three other valleys. The application of this same minimum slope would not increase the monofill’s height or footprint.

To plan for the possibility that the monofill reaches its currently permitted airspace before the application process is complete, Wheelabrator has submitted a second application to DEP to transport ash off-site to alternative landfills on an as-needed basis. This option would represent only a temporary solution because the 26 daily truck trips associated with off-site ash transport will result in a bigger impact on the environment and higher costs for municipal and business customers.

Meanwhile, Wheelabrator continues to seek a public dialogue with town officials about a long-term plan for the monofill that would maintain and enhance Wheelabrator’s value to the town.

Wheelabrator Saugus is an integral part of the region’s environmental and economic infrastructure, providing nearby communities and businesses with an environmentally-sound way to convert post-recycled waste to clean energy while creating millions in economic benefits to the Town of Saugus, including jobs, taxes and support for community organizations and activities.

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