Councilor Trahant Says Goodbye to City Council

By Jay Lancaster

Tuesday was a somber day at City Hall, as Ward 2 Councilor William Trahant announced he would be stepping away from the council to recover from a heart attack he suffered late last year. He stepped to the podium and shared the medical problems he was going through.

“About six months ago I had a bad heart attack, I spent a lot of time in Mass General and now over the last months my heart’s been going out of rhythm. I’ve got a leak in my valve and I need a little more time to rest.”

He explained that because of these medical complications, he would not be seeking re-election.

“After soul searching and many hours of talking to my family, friends, colleagues, my surgeon and everybody else, at this time they don’t think I should be running the campaign. I run a full time business that everybody knows in the city and that has to come first. I didn’t want to leave it to the end, I wanted to leave it well, like I’ve done over the past 18 years. I didn’t want to do it. I think I’ve got to do it for my family, for my health, for myself, I’m going to get better. It’s going to take some time. I just wanted to take some time, so I just wanted to thank everybody at city hall for the last 18 years that have just been so, so good to me. No one has ever said no to me in this city, at city hall. I’m not here 18 years, without the people who work at city hall.”

Several other councilors spoke about their time serving with Trahant and had nothing but glowing reviews of his record.

Councilor Daniel Cahill in particular was effusive in his praise for Councilor Trahant and spoke at length about their time together.

“Councilor Trahant is a tremendous councilor. In the council chambers we are surrounded by pictures of councilors who have served into the 1800s, and Councilor Trahant deservedly will take his place amongst the greatest city councilors to ever serve this city. To think I served with you for 10 years Billy. Folks didn’t run against you Bill, and it’s because Bill always took care of his constituents and his neighbors and his friends.”

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