LaPierre Tops the Ticket in At-Large Race Barton, Net are Also Re-Elected; Field Elected

Brian LaPierre topped the ticket in the councillor-at-large race for the second final election in a row while fellow incumbents Buzzy Barton and Hong Net were also re-elected to office.

Brian Field finished in fourth place with 4,933 votes to also earn an at-large seat on the Lynn City Council.

LaPierre received 6,594 votes followed by Barton (5,639) and Net (5,534).

Taso Nikolakopoulos, who ran an excellent campaign in his first bid for citywide office, finished in fifth place with 4,433 votes. Former councillor Rick Ford was sixth with 4,321 votes. Jaime Figueroa received 4,933 votes while John Ladd received 2,132 votes.

LaPierre said he was grateful for the tremendous vote he received from all wards in the city.

“We’re overwhelmed. We’re exuberant,” said LaPierre. “We’re so excited an thankful to the residents of Lynn, for putting us over the top for a third straight time. We’re just honored to serve. I really think we’ve established ourselves now as a political entity in the City of Lynn.”

LaPierre said he was looking forward to working with Mayor-Elect Thomas McGee.

“We want to make sure that we continue to move the city forward with Mayor-elect McGee and we always keep in mind what the residents of the city tell us,” said LaPierre. “The residents of this city reward hard work. They reward fortuitousness. They reward dedication and they reward candidates like myself who really listen and really feel their pain and try to solve and offer small solutions to whatever is at stake.”

LaPierre congratulated Barton and Net and said he was excited to welcome Field as a newly elected councillor-at-large.

“I’ve known Brian for many years,” said LaPIerre. “I was a supervisor for Lynn Parks and Recreation in the 1990s, and Brian was a park counselor, so we have a good working relationship and friendship that goes back more than 20 years. The City of Lynn elected three Brians tonight – Brian LaPierre, Brian Field, and Brian Castellanos (School Committee). It’s a good name to have on Election Night.”

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